Cyber Security Systems

People accessing the net are increasing exponentially. Based on world internet stats, the global number of individuals accessing the net has shot up from 3,885 million in June 2017 to 4,208 million in June 2018, which shows a substantial year to year increase considering that only 3,631 million people accessed the net in June 2016. The number of cyber crimes too has increased proportionately. Unfortunately, the percentile figures are not the same for individuals taking action to protect cyber criminals from accessing their private data. Statistics reveal a massive increase in the number of private data such as credit card information and online banking username and passwords. This is primarily due to negligence on the part of people using the net. Considering these facts, it is imperative that internet users should review their cyber security systems and update it soonest possible. Gone are the days when simply using a proper antivirus program was sufficient to protect users from cyber threats. Nowadays, one has to cope with Trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, and much more. It is a fact that many internet service providers are keeping a close eye on the activities of their clients. Chances are that they are doing it for selling this data to internet marketers. However, this does not reduce the dangers posed by cyber criminals who want to steal your private data and use it to illegally syphon off your money.

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Protecting yourself

You should opt for both hardware and software based options to protect your data from being hacked. Instead of relying on just an antivirus, spend more and install a suite of security programs that protect you against the other threats mentioned above. You might not be aware, but the simple action of visiting a harmful website might infect the hard disk drive of your computer. The danger of online threat is on the rise due to the number of people using public WiFi networks to access the net via their smartphones. Any hacker worth his salt can easily infiltrate such networks because they rarely use any encryption method to protect data passing through their network. In such a scenario, using a reputable VPN (Virtual Private Network), offered by companies that manufacture cyber security programs, protects incoming and outgoing data, as it encrypts the data the moment it leaves your computer to the moment it reaches the VPN tunnel. Take some time to review your cyber security systems and fortify it today.